Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why Programming Is Difficult

Programming is difficult because you can not understand a program piecemeal. You can not ultimately "Divide and Conquer" a program, although you must try your best.

You try to divide your program into independent "modules" to manage the complexity of understanding it.  But that can not fully solve the problem because what the program does is caused by interaction of its components.

There is no single component that would or could be "The Interaction". Each component must do its  part to interact with others.  In doing so it must assume something about those other parts. This makes it difficult to change any part of the program, changing it can break the assumptions other parts make about it.

Software Engineering is about trying to devise ways to divide programs into minimally dependent parts, and also to divide the problem of creating programs into multiple  more or less independent parts, and making it easy to understand what those parts are, and what are their dependencies, the interactions between them. That's a mouthful, right?  But that just indicates what a big task it is.

In the end that can not be done as well as we'd like  because each part must interact with others, it must encode assumptions about  other parts  to be able to  interact with them.

In this way Software Engineering is like other engineering disciplines. We're trying  to make programs stronger, less likely to collapse like house of cards, cheaper, faster, easier to maintain, adapt and reuse for different purposes.. There is no ultimate solution to this, only better solutions to be discovered. No Sorcerer's Stone. No mythical Silver Bullet to kill the "Beast of Interactions". But there is progress I believe, as we gain a better understanding of what Software Engineering is, what it can and cannot do.

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